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Build Process

Our goal is to build a forever impactful, luxurious end product that meets our client's needs throughout all phases of the construction process.

Construction process step 1


Construction process step 2


Construction process step 3

Close Out

We prefer to be heavily involved on the during the "pre-con" phase to ensure we are able to insert our expertise to fill any gaps that the client needs. Depending on the status of the construction plans, our team will be involved in design development meetings with the owner, architect & engineers to ensure construction insight is provided way before the project is being built. We require a signed proposal agreement and initial down payment from a client before getting started to streamline the initial portion of the opportunity.

We believe that over the top communication is vital in order to meet and exceed our clients needs during construction. We take advantage of project management software that allows us to integrate each contact involved on the project so that all parties can check progress from a phone or desktop at any time in the day. The project schedule, change orders, submittals, RFI's, estimates, budgets and much more can be accessed via a couple clicks or taps.

We realize how long the end of a project can take to complete. There are so many "small ticket items" that need to be addressed so that the client's project is completed before the target scheduled date and finished as detailed as possible. We utilize collaborative punch lists in order for our field staff to communicate with the subcontractors as quickly and as accurately as possible. Our mindset for each project is simple: never let the end the build drag out: we are consistently striving to innovate. 

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